How to Apply UFH online 2024-2025

By | July 16, 2022

How to Apply UFH online 2024-2025

How to Apply UFH online 2024-2025

How to Apply UFH online 2024-2025

UFH, or Urban Flooding Hydrology, is an important field of study that aims to help cities better manage flooding and other water-related problems. In order to provide students with the latest UFH updates and advice, the UC Davis UFH website has launched a new online course. The course, which is offered in English, covers a range of topics including climate change, urban development, hydrology, risk assessment, and management. If you’re interested in learning more about UFH and its impact on the world around us, this is the course for you!

  • In 2013, the University of Fort Hare (UFH), South Africa’s leading Agricultural Sciences institution, was the only university to fall firmly into the quadrant depicting good equity and good per capita research output. Take your time and enjoy browsing our site, pausing along the way to chat with our various communities on your preferred social network. Spend time with us to learn how we continue to produce African leaders of global stature, and how we maintain the passion for our brand in all those who have been touched by UFH. Explore our website and enjoy our heritage as expressed through various art forms, as well as virtually page through NAHECS, the home of South Africa’s liberation archives as documented by the various liberation movements.

Opening and closing dates for admission Date

  • For admission in 2023, applications open in May and close in August.

Requirements for Eligibility:

  • The Candidate must be 18 years old.
  • You are in good standing at your primary school.
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (GPAs under 3.0 will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will require additional documents outlined in a section below)
  • When the program begins, you must be a sophomore, junior, or senior. When applying to UCT, applicants must have completed at least three semesters of course work (first-semester sophomores can apply). Some local university courses may be unavailable to students in their sophomore year. For more information, please contact your IES Abroad Representative.


Bachelor of Business Science

  • In Actuarial Science specializing in Quantitative Finance

Bachelor of Business Science specializing in

  • Analytics Computer Science
  •  Economics with Law
  • Finance with Accounting
  • Finance with Economics
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing Organisational Psychology

Bachelor of Commerce

  • In Actuarial Science specializing in Quantitative Finance

Bachelor of Commerce specializing in

  • Economics and Finance
  • Economics with Law
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Financial Accounting: General Accounting
  • Financial Accounting: Chartered Accountant
  • Financial Accounting: Accounting with Law
  • Information Systems Information Systems and Computer Science
  • Management Studies Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)

Engineering & the Built Environment Faculty

The Engineering & Built Environment Faculty offers the following undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Property Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Mechanical& Mechatronics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Mechatronics
  • Bachelor of Science in Geomatics: Surveying
  • Bachelor of Science in Geomatics: Geoinformatics

Health Sciences Faculty 

Undergraduate degrees and diplomas are available from the Health Sciences Faculty.

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
  • Bachelor of Science in Audiology
  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Higher Certificate in Disability Practice
  • Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Formulation Science


Undergraduate degrees and diplomas are available from the Humanities Faculty.

  • Bachelor of Music: General Programme
  • Teacher’s Licentiate Diploma in Music
  • Advanced Certificate in Education: Life Orientation
  • Advanced Certificate in Education: Mathematical Literacy
  • Advanced Certificate in Education: Mathematics Education
  • Advanced Certificate in Education: Multilingual
  • Advanced Certificate in Education: School Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Education: Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Production
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts African Languages & Literatures, Afrikaans, Arabic, Business French, Classical Studies, Dance Drama, Economic, History, English Film Studies, French Hebrew Language & Literature History, Italian Jazz Studies, Law, Linguistics Media & Writing, Music, Spanish Visual & Art, History Xhosa Communication
  • Bachelor of Music in Dance
  • Bachelor of Music: Composition
  • Bachelor of Music: Education
  • Bachelor of Music: Musicology
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Philosophy, Politics & Economics
  • Bachelor of Social Science Economics Gender Studies Industrial Sociology International Relations Philosophy Politics Psychology Public Policy & Administration Religious Studies Social Anthropology Social Development Sociology
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Dance Teacher’s Diploma
  • Diploma in Education

Majors available from departments other than the Faculty of Humanities

  • Applied Statistics
  • Applied Biology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Archaeology
  • Astrophysics
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Ecology & Evolution
  • Environmental & Geographical Science
  • Genetics
  • Human Physiology
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Marine Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Ocean & Atmosphere Science
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Physics
  • Science Statistics

How to Apply Online to UFH

  • You should be aware that you can only apply for UFH online through the institution’s website.
  • Again, online applications to UFH include two distinct forms for Undergraduate and Postgraduate applicants. As a result, you must ensure that the forms you have chosen correspond to the qualifications you wish to apply for at UFH.
  • If you choose to apply online, you will be charged R80.00, which is non-refundable.

You will need the following items to apply online:

  • If you do not already have one, you must create one before proceeding with your application.
  • Applicants from South Africa will require an ID number. Foreign applicants must provide their passport numbers.
  • (Applicants under the age of 18 will require a parent/guardian ID number/passport number.)
  • You must meet the entry requirements and submit your application form along with all required documentation.
  • All applicants must pay an R80.00 non-refundable application fee.

Paper-based Hardcopy/Manual Application

  • If you prefer a hardcopy paper-based application and prefer to manually fill out your forms with a pen, UFH will also accommodate you. You must either download the official application forms from the UFC website or visit any UFH office near you to pick up the application forms.
  • After you have your hardcopy application forms in hand, you fill them out in the same manner as you would an online application.
  • It should be noted that the application fee for hardcopy paper-based Undergraduate applicants is R120.
  • If you are a postgraduate student, you will also have to pay R250.
  • Applicants’ fees for hardcopy application forms are also non-refundable.

Is there student housing at UFH?

  • There is no need to be concerned about accommodation, whether you are a South African or a foreign applicant.
  • UFH offers residential housing to students who request it, but applicants must apply for housing in addition to their qualification application.

How to Apply for UFH Residence Housing.

  • You can apply for and submit residence accommodation with the qualification application but on separate and distinct forms. You will also be charged R120 for residence accommodation forms.
  • When you are admitted and accepted to the university, you will be required to pay an R1000 deposit for residence accommodation. 2024-2025 University of Fort Hare Online Application

Fees for application and residence accommodation forms must be paid.

For the receipt of application and residence accommodation form fees, UFH has only one bank account. Always remember to check the institution’s website for their bank account information detail, which is available.

  • Bank: Standard Bank
    Branch: Alice
    Branch code: 05 01 19
    Account name: University of Fort Hare
    Account number: 28 210 1357
    Name and surname of the applicant as reference

Nonetheless, for security reasons, it is prudent to seek clarification from UFH. 2024-2025 University of Fort Hare Online Application

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