How to register for TUT Online 2024-2025

By | July 29, 2022

How to register for TUT Online 2024-2025

How to register for TUT Online 2024-2025

How to register for TUT Online 2024-2025

Are you interested in attending the TUT Online 2024-2025 course? If so, you’ll need to register first. The registration process is simple and can be completed online. We recommend that you start early to make sure that you get your desired seat, as the course fees are relatively high. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to access all of the course materials and resources, as well as chat with other students and teachers. We hope that you take the opportunity to participate in this amazing course!

  • TUT University was founded in 2004 and is South Africa’s largest residential university. The University of Johannesburg has nine campuses in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo, as well as two learning sites in Durban and Cape Town.
    The University was recently academically ranked as the top University of Technology in South Africa (URAP) and the top University of Technology in Africa (2016 – 2017). (Webometrics). TUT has about 400 professional opportunities and annually attracts over 60 000 students. TUT not only attracts the best academic minds from across the world, but it also has a vibrant multicultural student culture, guaranteeing that our students have a well-rounded varsity experience.

Courses Provide

  • Arts and Design
  • Economics and Finance
  • Engineering and the Built Environment
  • Humanities
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Management Sciences
  • Science

Admission Prerequisites

TUT’s general entry requirements are as follows:

No one may be registered as a student in a TUT program unless he or she has met the General entrance requirements for TUT.

  • A Senior Certificate pass mark in English (minimum additional language; certain programs may require first or home language status)
    Each course has unique entry requirements.
    Prospective students should be aware that the entrance standards for specific programs may vary from year to year.
    For some programs, students will be asked to take an admission test, which will determine whether they will be admitted to the program or whether they need to enroll in a related foundation course.

The table below shows the levels of performance required for admission to various levels of study:
TUT Requirements NSC – Profile Gaps ​

The revised NSC-G result format and the minimal entrance standards for TUT:

Rating code​ Rating Marks
7 Outstanding achievement 80 – 100
6 Meritorious achievement 70 – 79
5 Degree substantial achievement 60 – 69
4 Diploma adequate achievement 50 – 59
3 Foundation moderate achievement 40 – 49
2 Elementary achievement 30 – 39
1​ Not achieved 0 –​ 29

Results and documentation submission

You must make certain that your most recent set of findings is submitted. Failure to do so may cause delays in your application process. All documents attached must be certified copies of the originals.

TUT Online Application 2024-2025

  • To begin the application process at TUT, please click here.
    On the upper right corner of the screen, click ‘Apply Now.’
    Choose whether or not you have a student number (If this is your first time applying you will not have a student number yet)
    Choose whether you are returning to finish an application.
    Choose if you have a Qualification Specific Token (this token was only given to specific students to show them a pre-defined list of qualifications)
    To the consent form, click ‘I Accept.’
    Stick to the directions provided during the application.

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