How to register NWU Online 2023-2024

By | July 6, 2022

How to register NWU Online 2023-2024

How to register NWU Online 2023-2024

North-West University Online Application 2023-2024

North-West University is now available online for all students who wish to study from anywhere in the world. The university has made the transition to an online-only mode of operation, and this new system offers many benefits for students. In this article, we will explain how to register at North-West University online and get started with your studies.

How to Register to NWU Online.

How to register online is grouped into two: South African students’ Registration Process and International students’ Registration process

South African students’ Registration Process

Steps needed for NWU Online Registration

  • Visit the NWU Registration Page:
  • Sign in with student number and pin
  • Click on “Registration” and thereafter the “Self-Registration” option. Select your qualification and click “Next
  • Click “Next” to apply the “Pre-requisite Test”. It will now reflect which modules you can register
  • Select the correct modules that are to be registered Use the Online Faculty Registration Assistance
  • It is compulsory to select the option for providing “Personal Information” (POPIA) Please provide correct “contact information
  • Accept the “Undertaking” Confirms that student accepts the terms of agreement
  • Notification will reflect that “Registration was successful”. Proof of Registration will be sent to student via e-mail address provided.

International students’ Registration process

Steps needed for NWU Online Registration

Note: It is required that Applicants speak with the Global Engagement Office first. There won’t be any registrations accepted without consultation.

Global Engagement Office Requirements

Communication with this office is electronic. A single e-mail to be sent with the following:

  • Subject Field: student number, year of registration, level & Campus.
  • Colour Scanned copies of:
    ✓ Passport
    ✓ Visa or any permit that permits residence
    in RSA
    ✓ Green ID Book if you are a Non-SA
    Citizen and not a SA National -when
    ✓ Proof of medical insurance – waived for
    PRP holders (only)
    ✓ Proof of your vaccinations for MMR and
    Meningitis and if applicable Yellow fever
  • Record of your vaccinations obtained in the previous year of registration.
  • MMR – adult for life, Meningitis need to be repeated every 5 years
  • Receipt of your visa application submitted

For international Applicants online registration process kindly click here

  •  Guidelines for self-registration Applicants can click here for such guidelines
  • Applicants can click here to register Online
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