How to register UWC Online 2024-2025

By | July 22, 2022

How to register UWC Online 2024-2025

How to register UWC Online 2024-2025

How to register UWC Online 2024-2025

Registration for the UWC Online 2024-2025 is now open! Register now and benefit from early access to exclusive offers and the chance to win awesome prizes. This year’s edition of UWC Online will be packed with exciting content, so don’t miss out on your chance to join the global debate!

  • The process of registering for university can be intimidating for students all over Cape Town and the Western Cape. It can be difficult to start when there are so many universities to choose from. The University of the Western Cape online registration guide was created as a result. We’ll move you through each step of the registration process in it.

How to register for UWC Online in steps

Before beginning your academic year at UWC, you must complete your registration with the university. You can register online by visiting, your UWC Student Portal.

  • Step1 Log in with your STEP1 ID number or passport number and your student number.
    On the screen again for the online student portal, type your student number, South African ID number, or passport number. Press the “Submit” button when finished.

Step 2 START – Check the necessary registration information

  • You will see a summary of the program you are enrolling in. If any information needs to be updated or if any errors appear at the bottom of the page, the UWC Contact Centre must be notified.
    Once all information has been checked and confirmed to be accurate, click the “Start” button to select your module combinations. Using the “Auto choose” tool, you can add all failed and necessary modules to your registration.

Module selection in step three: failed modules

  • At step 2 of the actual online registration process, you must double-click on the relevant module in the left-hand column to select all applicable mandatory modules. As you select modules, a new column will appear on the right. Remove an incorrectly selected module by double-clicking the appropriate one in the left-hand column.

VALIDATE – Module selection in Step 4

  • Step 4 requires you to confirm the module you chose. Before proceeding to the next step, please double-check each module you have selected. If you need to delete a module, please refer to the directions above. Please make sure there are no mistakes in your submission. This will be highlighted in red in the message field. Please contact your faculty if you find any errors.

Step 5: Study-related costs

  • Step 5 will introduce the price for the module you have selected. Both the cost of each individual module and the total cost of all the modules are given.

Accept the terms and conditions in step six.

  • In the final phase, you must choose whether to accept or reject the terms and conditions. Please be aware that if you do not agree to the terms and conditions, your registration will not be finalized.


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