MGI online Courses 2024-2025

By | August 12, 2022

MGI online Courses 2024-2025

MGI online Courses 2024-2025

MGI online Courses 2024-2025

The list of courses offered at the Midrand Graduate Institute, along with their prerequisites, is now available for all interested applicants or candidates to review. The Midrand Graduate Institute’s course offerings have been published in the article and may be found below, as a courtesy to the general public and anyone considering attending the school. You are finally in the correct place if you are seeking a Midrand Graduate Institute, especially if you have been looking for one for a long time. The official list of all the courses offered at the Midrand Graduate Institute is currently available on the page you are reading.

Dates of Application Opening and Closing 2023–2024

  • From April to November 2024, the University of Limpopo (UL) Online Application will be available. For the academic year 2024, UL advises prospective students to submit their applications early via the online application form (Hard-Copy).

2024–2025 MGI Online Courses

  • School of Education
    • Advanced Certificate in Education – Mathematics (ACEM)
    • Advanced Certificate in Education – Science (ACES)
    • Advanced Certificate in Education – Grade R (ACEGR)
    • Advanced Certificate in Education – Learners with Barriers to Learning and Education – Remedial Education (ACERE)
    • Advanced Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training (ACEABE)
    • Advanced Certificate in Education – Life Orientation (ACELO)
    • Advanced Certificate in Education – Integrating Values and Human Rights in Education (ACEHRE)
    • Post Graduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)
    • Bachelor of Education Senior Phase and FET (BEDSPF)
    • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed Hons)
    • Master of Education (M.Ed)
    • Masters in Science and Mathematics Education (M.Ed Maths & Sci)
    • Masters in Language and Communication (M.Ed LED)
    • Masters in Adult Education (M.Ed AE)
    • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
  •  School of Languages and Communication Studies
    • Bachelor of Arts – BAAG01 [BA (Languages)]
    • BAAF01 [BA (Translation Studies & Linguistics)]
    • BAAE01 [BA (Performing Arts)]
    • Bachelor of Arts – BAE01 [BACEMS (Contemporary English Language] Studies and Multilingual Studies)]
    • Bachelor of Arts – BCS01 [BACOMM (Communication Studies)]
    • Bachelor of Arts – BMEA01 [BAMDST (Media Studies)] AND BMEB01 [BA Media Studies Extended Curriculum]
    • Bachelor of Information Studies – BIS01 [BINF] Postgraduate Diploma in Information
    • Studies PIN01 [HDINF]
    • BA Honours – HBAA01 (English)
    • HBAB01 (Tshivenda)
    • HBAC01 (Xitsonga)
    • HBAD01 (Northern Sotho)
    • HBAE01 (Language Studies)
    • HBAF01 (Media Studies)
    • HBAG01 (Translation and Linguistics)
    • HBAH01 (Communication Studies)
    • B Information Studies
    • HIS01 (Information Studies)
    • MA – MAE01 (English Studies)
    • MAL01 (African Languages) – Coursework
    • MAT01 (Translation Studies and Linguistics)
    • MIS01 (Information Studies)
    • MAENST (English Studies) – Coursework
    • MATRLI (Translation Studies and Linguistics) – Coursework
    • MIS- MIS01 (Information Studies)
    • MA – MAA01 (Communication Studies)
    • MAA01 (English Studies)
    • MAA01 (Media Studies)
    • MAA01 (Northern Sotho)
    • MAA01 (Tshivenda)
    • MAA01 (Xitsonga)
    • PhD – Doctorate
  • School of Social Sciences
    • Bachelor of Psychology B Psyc
    • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work BA SW
    • Bachelor of Social Work BSW
    • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Community
    • Police Management BAHons (COPM)
    • Masters of Arts in Community Police
    • Management MA (COPM)
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Community
    • Police Management PhD (COPM)
    • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Corrections
    • Management BAHons (CORM)
    • Masters of Arts in Corrections
    • Management MA (CORM)
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Corrections
    • Management PhD (CORM)

Faculty of Science And Agriculture

    • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
    • BSc (Environmental and Resource Studies)
    • BSc (Environmental and Resource Studies)
    • Bachelor of Agricultural Management Honours
    • BSc Honours in Aquaculture
    • MSc in Agric (Agric Economics)
    • MSc in Agric (Animal Production)
    • MSc in Agric (Crop Science)
    • MSc in Agric (Horticulture)
    • MSc in Agric (Pasture Science)
    • MSc in Agric (Remote Sensing)
    • MSc in Agric (Soil Science)
    • MSc in Agric (Plant Protection)
    • Master of Science in Aquaculture
    • Master of Agricultural Management
    • PhD (research)

Requirements for entry

Matriculation Diploma (prior 2008)

  • By changing their grade symbols to an APS, students who successfully finished Grade 12 before 2008 are eligible to apply for admission to the university with the regular Grade 12 Senior Certificate and full university exemption.

federal certification (Vocational)

  • The following are prerequisites for students who have successfully achieved a National Certificate Vocational NC(V) Level 4 qualification, as well as placement tests and faculty admission requirements:
  • 3 essential subjects at NC(V) level 4 certificate with 60% (Life Orientation included) and 4 pertinent vocational subjects at 70% for degree programs
  • 3 fundamental subjects at 50% (including Life Orientation) for the NC(V) level 4 certificate, and 3 mandatory vocational subjects at 60% for diploma programs


  • Step 1 is to obtain an application.
  • Both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants must submit their applications online.
    Hardcopy Application: Postgraduate applicants may submit their applications online or in hard copy, as is the case for undergraduate applicants.
    Step 2: Fill out the entire application form.
  • *Keep in mind that you’ll need an email address.
  • Step 3: Include all supplementary documentation.
  • Step 4: Fill out a form for student accommodations.

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