Oval Education International Online application requirements 2024-2025

By | August 11, 2022

Oval Education International Online application requirements 2024-2025

Oval Education International Online application requirements 2024-2025

Oval Education International Online application requirements 2024-2025

Depending on the type, of course, you’re seeking, your academic standing, and your country of citizenship, there are different Oval Education International Admission requirements. This is primarily due to the fact that colleges are free to determine their admittance standards in accordance with their own preferences or internal regulations. They establish the prerequisites for each course to make sure you have the abilities and information necessary to finish it.

A list of the courses and programs Oval Education International offers (OEI)

  • Marketing and Financial Management (NQF 7)
  • Marketing and Human Resource Management (NQF 7)
  • Human Resource Management and Financial Management (NQF 7)
  • Marketing Management (NQF 7)
  • Human Resource Management (NQF 7)
  • Financial Management (NQF 7)

Application fee for Oval Education International online 2024-2025

  • All applicants must pay a R 120.00 non-refundable application fee (for online applications). Please deposit using the following bank information, and upload the deposit slip along with the rest of the necessary paperwork.

General prerequisites for Oval Education International applications 2024-2025
Here are the general admission requirements for Oval Education International.

  • An email address is required to complete the application.
    Applicants from South Africa will require an ID number. Candidates from abroad will require their passport numbers.
    You must pay the application cost after you obtain your student number from OEI.
    Verify that your documents are scanned in accordance with the instructions.
    You must fulfill the exact entrance requirements for the qualification you have chosen in order to be admitted to OEI.
    If you don’t satisfy these criteria, you might wish to think about alternate credentials or, if you’re eligible, an extended program that would allow you to enroll in only a few modules in your first year.
  • It’s possible that OEI will no longer accept students who finished Grade 12 at the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Tomorrow.
    There are a few OEI credentials with a small number of openings. It is not a given that you will be allocated a spot for the 2024 academic year even if you fulfill the general and/or particular admission requirements for a qualification.

Oval Education International’s 2024–2025 application deadlines

You need the following to enter the NVC at NQF Level 2:

  • An NQF Level 1 certification, an approved bridging program created specifically for accessing NQF Level 2, a year-end report for Grades 9, 10, 11, or 12, or an evaluation of prior learning (RPL) to satisfy the prerequisites for entry to NQF Level 2.

Rated Full-Time Courses

  • At registration, you must pay both the application fee (for new students only) and the class fees.

Every new application must be submitted with:

  • A certified copy of the most recent report card, results statement, Grade 12 transcript, or N3 certificate.
  • Six certified copies of the learner’s identification.
  • A parent’s or guardian’s ID in two certified copies.
  • One learner photo that is ID-sized.
  • The application cycle, which begins in April of each year, should be entered as early as feasible.

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