Regenesys Business School online Registration 2024-2025

By | August 8, 2022

Regenesys Business School online Registration 2024-2025

Regenesys Business School online Registration 2024-2025

Regenesys Business School online Registration 2024-2025

The registration procedures and policies at Regenesys Business School serve to prepare both new and returning students for the semester of the academic year 2024–2025.

  • The ITS enabler, which is a self-help/online facility, is used for registration. For convenience, the system is available off-campus. You don’t need to travel to campus or wait in lengthy lines. You can easily complete your online registration using this guide.
  • To make this process simple and exciting, adhere to the instructions provided.

enrollment fee

  • All applicants must pay a R 120.00 non-refundable registration fee (for online applications). Please deposit using the following bank information, and upload the deposit slip along with the rest of the necessary paperwork.

Registration Required Documents for Regenesys Business School

The following paperwork is needed by the Regenesys Business School. They consist of:

  • if you are a citizen of South Africa, your ID
  • if you’re an international student, your passport
  • If you are under 18 years old, your parent’s ID or passport National Senior Certificate if you have already graduated
  • Your final Grade 11 results, as stamped by the institution
  • When they become available, grade 12 June results with the school’s stamp will be posted. Additionally, if you’ve applied for a selection program, email it to
  • Your academic history, but only if you are a current student at another university that has received USAF accreditation from the South African universities’ examination body. For conditional exemption, international conditional exemption, or mature age conditional exemption applications, visit

Step-by-step instructions for registering online at Regenesys Business School in 2024–2025

  • Use your student number and the provided pin to log in.
  • On the left, click “Rules and Regulations.”
  • Take note of the document’s contents as you read it. The “I accept” button is located at the bottom of the page. Click it if you agree with the terms and conditions.

If you disagree, kindly ask the Office of the Registrar for help. Please be aware that agreeing to the terms and conditions constitutes your electronic signature and is required. This signal, which is kept in your student file, can be utilized as a binding contract in a conflict or disciplinary situation.

  • On the left, click “Submit Registration.”
  • In the “Employment Status” field, choose your employment status from the drop-down menu.
  • “Save and Continue,” “Save and Continue Later,” or “Restart Process” should be selected.
  • By checking the box next to each subject, you can choose your subjects.
  • Make sure you choose all of the required subjects.
  • From the list of electives, pick the remaining subjects.

Please be aware that you cannot register for courses for which the prerequisites have not been satisfied. The X button will be used to denote these topics.

  • “Save and Continue,” “Save and Continue Later,” or “Restart Process” should be selected.
  • If you are certain that you have chosen the appropriate subjects, providing types and times of study, click “Save and Continue.”
  • If you want to print the registration fees, select “Print Cost Details.”
  • To complete the registration procedure, click the “I Accept Registration” button.
  • To print your evidence of registration, click “Proof of Registration” at the bottom.

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