UKZN Online application requirements 2024-2025

By | July 19, 2022

UKZN Online application requirements 2024-2025

UKZN Online application requirements 2024-2025

UKZN online Prospectus 2024-2025

Are you planning to apply to study at UKZN in the upcoming academic year? If so, you’ll need to meet a few online application requirements. Here are the details on what you need to do in order to submit your application online. Make sure to get started as soon as possible in order to have the best chance of being accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in South Africa!

  • The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is seeking applications from students interested in studying at their institution during the upcoming academic year. Students at UKZN can choose from a variety of courses, making it the ideal place for anyone interested in learning more about various subjects. The application process is simple and straightforward, and all students need to do is fill out the online form and attach the required documents. Once all of the necessary information has been gathered, UKZN will make a decision on whether or not to admit the student.

UKZN Online application requirements 2024-2025

Before applying, check the UKZN admission requirements.

All applicants beginning a new qualification are required to upload all necessary documentation, which typically includes the following:

  • a copy of your school transcript (eg Senior Certificate)
  • a copy of your tertiary school transcripts (if applicable) (Copies from the internet won’t be accepted.)
  • RSA students should bring a copy of their ID or passport (international students)
  • a replica of your divorce decree or marriage certificate, if applicable (if applicable)
  • documents in languages other than English or Afrikaans must have sworn translations.

Admission Requirements for the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in 2024

  • The University of KwaZulu-2024 Natal’s Admission Requirements is listed below. Before submitting an application, applicants must carefully read the instructions.
  • Before applying, candidates must meet the requirements listed below for admission to the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Here are the 2024 requirements for UKZN admission.

Requirements for Undergraduate Admission

programs for undergraduates

  • 1. Senior Certificate or the National Senior Certificate
  • 1.1 Candidates for undergraduate degree programs must hold a Senior Certificate with an endorsement or a National Senior Certificate for Degree Studies (NSC-Deg).
  • 1.2 Candidates for undergraduate diploma programs must hold a Senior Certificate or National Senior Certificate for Diploma Studies (NSC-Dip).

Instructional Format

  • The College of Law requires a pass in English Home Language at Level 5 or English as FAL on Level 6. English is the medium of instruction at UKZN, and UKZN requires a pass in English (Home Language or First Additional Language (FAL)) at Level 4 (50 percent or above). A lower English proficiency score may be acceptable for admission to programs leading to diplomas or alternative access. A passing grade in English at First or Second Language HG E is necessary for the Senior Certificate.

Life Guidance

  • A Level 4 pass in Life orientation is required for degree programs at UKZN. A Level 3 pass may be taken into account by Access Programs.

The minimal composite grade point average

  • For each program (NSC-Deg and Senior Certificate), a minimal composite Academic Performance Score has been established as a requirement for enrollment. However, this is the minimum score needed to be taken into consideration, so students who achieve this minimum are not guaranteed admission. A program’s selection process works from the top down until all of the openings in that program have been filled. Candidates are ranked according to APS. The demand for spots is high, so it is unlikely that applicants who do not meet the APS for a given program will be taken into consideration.

Subject requirements and performance standards

  • For admission to UKZN programs, additional subject requirements and minimum levels of performance in particular subjects are established. Applicants who did not include the appropriate subjects in their NSC-Deg or who did not meet the necessary standards of performance in a number of required subjects for admission to a program will not be taken into consideration.
  • To help you with your application, the tabulations include the Central Applications Office (CAO) program codes. There are six letters in the code. The University of KwaZulu-name Natal’s is abbreviated with the first two letters, KN. The UKZN campus where the program is offered is indicated by the third letter: E for Edgewood, H for Howard College, M for the Medical School, P for Pietermaritzburg, and W for Westville. The specific program is identified by the final three letters. Keep a close eye on the campuses where the programs are offered.


Name of the program  

The program code



Requirements for Entry







NSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4 & two subjects 3 28/48 4yrs
B A (General Studies)KN-H-BA2


28/48 3yrs
B A Cognitive Science KN-H-AAC 28/48 3yrs
B A Cultural & Heritage Tourism  


28/48 3yrs
B A Drama & Performance Studies  






B A International Studies KN-P-ABI 28/48 3yrs
B A Music KN-H-BAM 28/48 3yrs
B A Music & Drama Performance  






B A Philosophy, Politics & Law  


NSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4 & one of: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Drama Arts, Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci,  




Maths Lit, Music, Religion Studies,
B A Visual Art KN-P-AAV Vis Arts, any Lang HL/FAL 5 or 26/32 3yrs
B Soc Sc (General Studies) KN-H-SO2


Exemption for Matriculation  




B Soc Sc Geography & Environmental Management KN-H-SGE







B Soc Sc Government, Business & Ethics  






B Soc Sc Housing KN-H-SOR 26/32 3yrs
B Soc Sc International Studies  






B Soc Sc Management & Communication Studies  





3 yrs

B Soc Sc Philosophy, Politics & Law  


NSC-Deg with Eng & LO 4 & one of: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Dram Arts,  



3 yrs

B Soc Sc Psychology KN-H-SOS


Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci, Maths Lit, Music, Religion Stud,  Vis  



3 yrs

Arts, any lang HL/FAL 5 or Matric
B Community & Development Studies  





3 yrs

B Architectural Studies  






NSC-Deg with Maths 5, English 4, and one of the following: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Dram Arts, Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci, Music, Religion Stud, Vis Arts, any lang HL/FAL 5, or Matric Exemption.


Applicants must submit a portfolio of creative work, write an essay, and fill out a questionnaire.









3 yrs

B Music  




NSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4 & one of the following subjects: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Dram Arts, Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci, Maths Lit, Music, Religion Stud, Vis.

Arts, any HL/FAL 5 language AND audition, or Matric Exemption AND audition








4 yrs

B Social Work KN-H-BSX NSC-Deg with Engl & LO 4 & one 24/30 4 yrs
B Theology  





Of: Bus Stud, Cons Stud, Dram Arts, Econ, Geog, Hist, Info Tech, Life Sci, Maths Lit, Music, Religion Stud, Vis Arts, any lang HL/FAL 5 or Matric Exemption  





3 yrs

Dip Jazz & Popular Music  







3 yrs

Dip Music Perf. Classical or African Music & Dance or Opera

or Choral Studies





NSC-Dip with Engl & three subjects 3 AND audition or Senior Cert AND audition  

3 yrs


Extended Curriculum in Humanities KN-P-BA4


Matric Exemption or NSC-Degree with English and LO 4 Applicants are required to take and pass an ACCESS TEST.


20/24 4 yrs

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